Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Resolution for 2011

.. apart from trying to be a better human being... my new resolution for 2011 are..

1. Play badminton at least once a week

2. Gardening! <-- this is so new to me and I'm super excited. As the begining, the pictures show some of the indoor plants that I already have in the house. Yesterday, my driver (aka my sister) drove me to Sunway Pyramid and we visited a very cute store (suggested by a blogger in her blog that I bumped into the other day but couldn't recall) called Daiso who sell lots of kawai gardening stuffs for only RM5 each (all items in the store priced RM5).. I managed to grab a few basic stuffs.. again thats only the begining hehhe.. then we headed to Sungai Buloh to visit huge garden/plant nursery overthere as suggested by my mil. I bought lots of flower plants and will post up the pica when we start our new gardening project on the front yard. 'Our' means my sister, husband, maid and Aliyah need to be involved huhuhu....

3. Save money huhuhu
4. Read more books-- sounds boring but actually not
5. Take more pictures and continue blogging!

Ok cheers for me guys... :P come on! show some support huhu

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